Turn Your Checks Into Cash 

Payday is easily everyone’s favorite day and when you receive your paycheck you want your cash fast. However, finding the best place to cash your check can sometimes be a challenge, but not with EZ Money!

Check Cashing Made Easy 

At EZ Money in Omaha, Nebraska, check cashing is made simple. With proper identification and a minimal fee, you can be in and out quickly — with no hidden charges or holding periods. Let our experts help you turn your check into cash in a matter or minutes! 

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Benefits of Check Cashing

As a financial services leader in the community, EZ Money in Omaha serves our customers with pride and great understanding as to why you would choose to cash your check with us. We realize your personal circumstances prevent you from dealing with a “big bank” which is why we want to make check cashing easy for you.

Don't Wait For Your Money 

Depending on your account, there are many “big banks” who will place a hold on checks over a certain amount, preventing you from accessing all but a small portion of you check forcing you to wait several days or more before granting access to the rest of your earned money. Why wait to access your money? With EZ Money check cashing services in Omaha, your money is available right now.

Excellent Customer Service 

What’s just as important as cashing your check with EZ Money? Receiving great, personal customer service - a benefit lacking in many traditional banks. You are more than just another depositor with us. Our experts value your business and we aim to serve your financial needs in the best way possible.Whatever the need for your check cashing services, EZ Money in Omaha makes the process quick and simple.

Simple And Quick Check Cashing With EZ Money 

Whatever the need for your check cashing services, EZ Money in Omaha makes the process quick and simple. 

Fast, Friendly Service - Stop By and Get Your Check Cashed Fast!