Western Union Money Transfer 

It’s amazing how technology keeps us connecting around the world and EZ Money in Omaha, Nebraska is here to help you use that technology to send and receive money from friends and family near and far. Whether you need to send money online through Western Union due to an emergency or simply out of convenience, we have the money transfer service you need. 

Have a friend in a pinch who's seeking your financial help but lives lives 2,000 miles away?

Perhaps you find yourself in a financial bind but aren't physically near those willing to help?

Maybe your family member needs to borrow money for an emergency? 

EZ Money understands that sometimes things come up in life and there will be situations where you will need to either send or receive money online quickly, and that is why we provide this service. With a Western Union money transfer, you can send or receive funds quickly and easily. 

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How Western Union Money Transfers Work

EZ Money in Omaha is a Western Union agent, giving us access to far-reaching technology to help our customers when they’re in a financial pinch.

You can count on:

  • A quick and reliable way to send and receive money and send bill payments
  • Send Money Worldwide to over 200 countries and territories
  • Fast, friendly service

Quick And Easy Money Transfers

Sending long-distance funds is a cinch when you rely on EZ Money and our Western Union network. We have other services that could benefit you too, such as our payday loans. Locally-owned and operated in Omaha, you can count on friendly and fast service. 

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